Organizations Governance

AKB Engineering & Construction organizational governance is the management framework within which project decisions are made. Since project governance is a critical element while the accountabilities and
responsibilities associated with an organization’s business as usual activities have been laid down in AKB’s organizational governance arrangements with an equivalent framework that exists to govern the
development of AKB’s capital investments (projects). AKB’s organization chart set forth herein below provides a good indication of who in the organization is responsible for any particular operational activity the organization conducts. To accomplish this AKB has specifically developed a project governance policy to monitor and control for each project development activity.The role of this project governance is to
provide a decision making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern AKB’s capital investments. In this way, AKBhas beenpracticing structured approach to conducting both its business as usual
activitiesand its business change, or project, activities. AKB has always been focusing on the following three pillars of project governance for the decision making framework:


This refers to the governance committee structure. As well as there being a Project Board or Project Steering Committee, the broader governance environment may include various stakeholder groups and perhaps user groups. Additionally, there may be a Program Board, governing a group of related projects of which this is one, and possibly some form of portfolio decision making group. The decision rights of all these committees and how they relate have been laid down in policy and procedural documentation. In this way, the project’s governance can be integrated within the wider governance arena


The effectiveness of the committee structure is dependent upon the people that populate the various governance committees. Committee membership is determined by the nature of the project – other factors come into play when determining membership of program and portfolio boards – which in turn determine which organizational roles, should be represented on the committee.


This concerns the information that informs decision makers and consists of regular reports on the project, issues and risks that have been escalated by the Project Manager and certain key documents that describe the project, foremost of which is the business case.

Management and Personnel

AKB has the multi-disciplined professionals engineers, architectures, and consultants etc. and equipment, construction materials, experience and bonding capacity to complete almost any size project on time and on budget.The owners are seasoned business people with an interest in their community. Both owners have operated their own small businesses previous to beginning AKB Engineering & Construction. They offer the company experience in construction, infrastructure development in real estate, accounting, marketing and public relations. A strong commitment to the company’s success is evident from their involvement and interest in continuing to provide opportunities to the individuals a quality training to acquire knowledge, leadership skills for their future carrier growth.

Management and Personnel

At AKB we have an energetic and highly motivated team who enjoy completing projects to the highest of industry standards.Currently, we have approximately 150 staff on our team with a wide range of experience and skills to ensure we can successfully deliver on any project. Very high average employment duration of 5 years signifies the devotion, reliability, experience and commitment that customers can expect us to provide on every job we undertake.At AKB we fully believe the adage “Your staff are your most important asset”. We realize that the personal and professional development of our team is imperative in ensuring the successful delivery of projects, and thus the success of our business. We therefore invest in our staff through comprehensive training programs, mentoring and coaching. The rewards of this philosophy are inevitably shared with customers through increased satisfaction and better quality service.Our administration office is based in Lahore whilst our operations are centered at Finance & Trade Center, in M. A. Johar Town, Lahore. Confining the majority of our business in the metropolitan city of Lahore ensures that AKB’s clients get quick local response with local knowledge and expertise.

About us

The company was founded by Alam Khan in 2001 under the name Alam Khan & Brothers (AKB). Growth of this small, sole-proprietor building operation was inevitable as Alam Khan began to take on larger projects in the Metropolitan City of Lahore and over Punjab province geographical area.